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Turtle Chips Seaweed Flavor

Turtle Chips became an instant hit since introduction in 2017 with its unique four-layer shape and 3D hollow structure resembling the shell of tortoise. Orion now offers unique flavors to enjoy them even more! Turtle Chips Seaweed Flavor delivers light and crispy chips blended and sprinkled with seaweed flavor! Take a bite and you'll fall in love! 

5.65 OZ (160g)
Sale price $6.79
Turtle Chips Seaweed Flavor

Turtle Chips Seaweed Flavor


Turtle Chips Pellet (Corn Snack Mix, Maize Flour, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt), Vegetable Oil, Seaweed Seasoning (Seaweed Flavor Powder, Sugar, Monosodium L-Glutamate, Laver Powder, Japanese Soy Sauce Powder, Processed Salt, Kelp Extract Powder, Amino Base, Aonori Flavor, Calcium Phosphate, Silicon Dioxide, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotide, Grill Flavor, Roasted Laver Flavor, Aspartame, High Fat Powder-80J)